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The intelligent security monitoring system refers to the use of image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision technology.  
By adding the intelligent video analysis module in the monitoring system, using the powerful data processing ability of the computer to filter out the useless or  
interference information of video images, automatically identify different objects, and analyze the key
of the extraction of video sources.


It uses information to quickly and accurately locate the scene of the accident, judge the abnormal situation in the monitoring
picture,and send out the alarm or other action with the fastest speed and the best way, so as to effectively carry out the automatic real-time intelligent monitoring system, which is pre warning, handling in the event, and taking evidence in time after the event. In a simple way, intelligent security monitoring is the work of computer instead of part of the human brain. It can analyze and judge the monitored images automatically, and send out early warning when abnormal, and change the monitoring system to get rid of artificial intervention and the "post Zhu Geliang" role that can only be
recorded as a scene.

When selecting the smart security monitoring system or products, security engineers should pay attention to the following key points:

See whether the product is certified by quality

The choice of products for security contractors depends on whether they are qualified products certified by quality and whether they meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). We can not choose the product of non quality authentication because of the greed and cheap, otherwise not only the project can not pass the final acceptance, cause the meaningless waste, more importantly, delay the time and affect the safety.

The domestic products are the same in the country, and the domestic products are.

When the security contractors are buying and buying products, we should first check whether domestic security enterprises have the corresponding
products to meet the needs. If the domestic products are not satisfied with the necessary intelligent products, they should choose to buy foreign products.
If domestic and foreign products are comparable in performance, they should choose products from domestic enterprises to support and promote the development of domestic ethnic enterprises.