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Self Monitoring Services
You may choose to use Iris to provide self-monitored, alert-based security or protection for your home. You may also choose to use Iris to provide you additional assistance in your efforts to provide care to another, or others in providing care to you. Yo
The load-bearing advantages that hold up to the test!
Core Services and Service Availability. The Core Services in section 11.1 are applicable to all Iris Systems regardless of your chosen Iris Services.
Contact Information and Interpreting the Contract.
Our failure to exercise any of our rights under this Agreement shall not be deemed to be a waiver of such rights or a waiver of any breach of this Agreement. We may assign any of our rights or delegate any of our obligations under this Agreement without Y
Time Limit for Claims; Third Party Beneficiaries.
Notwithstanding the Arbitration Section, no arbitration, suit or action can be brought against us more than one (1) year after the date of the incident alleged to have resulted in the loss, injury or damage (or, if greater, the shortest duration permitted
Aggregate or De-Identified Data
We may share or make public aggregate or de-identified data derived from personally identifiable information. Such information, however, will not identify you or any other individual.
How We Use Information
Provide and deliver products and services and fulfill your orders; Process, record, and track your purchases, payments, returns, warranties, and rebates; Communicate with you through various channels, including sending you alerts;
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